MY Grade 6 Year At School.

I have a blog of course. I like my blog  I’m going to keep my blog after school ends. I love my school it rock I’ve made so many friends this year like Brayden,Max,Devan and more. Grade 6 is favorite year so far. I have a good teacher a good class. Me and brayden attacked a wasp nest it is fun  but I got in trouble. Well B.Y.E



The GLOCAL Project. This is my favorite picture because it has skulls. I like skulls and black. Our class has been working with the people from arts umbrella, their names are Josh and Franziska. I liked arts umbrella because they let us use their cool web cams that can take pictures. I had a lot of fun.

Fairness In Court

When you go to court you see the accused ,the crown ,the judge, the wittiness,and the lawyer. The three main people are the accused(called the defendant) the accusor and the lawyers and the judge. Sometimes in some circumstances the Judge  will be accompanies by a group of people called the jury.The jury are concidered to be the accused peer group who are unbiased.If a jury is used they will be held away from the defendant so that they remain unbiased,and they will hear the entire story from both sides and will then give their decision to the judge to give!

When you walk into a courtroom it is a wierd feeling.If court is in session, then it will be very quiet. There will be benches down each side of the court room. Lawyers will be up front along with a court recorder who types the transcript from the case, and a court secretary, as well as a sheriff. You will see at the very front the judge. Off to one side or the other you will see the accused in a box with plexiglass cage around it.  The sherriff will be near there as well, and a door where the accused can be moved from,  in the end. It is very very creepy and awesome at the same time.  Some of the things you would hear will be people giving testemony,people quietly whispering, possibly the gavel that the judge uses to get attention,the scraping of the chairs as the lawyer moves to stand or approach the bench. The witnesses will be moving in and out of the  witness box.You will hear the court secretary asking for the oath from each witness promising to tell the trueth. You might hear and feel emotion as people attempt to explain themselves. You dont hear the court recorder typing even thought they type very quickly and I am not sure why. Court is a respectful place where justice is figured out. Where the duty to act fairly is made clear and stuck to.


Earth Day

On Earth Day I rode my long board to school and back. Our class turned the lights off all day. The next day we had a litter free lunch. A lot of people came with a litter free lunch and so did I. I hope you celebrate Earth Day too so we all can make the world a better place.

My Hobbies

I love cars especially muscle cars. I like to go fishing a lot in lakes, rivers, oceans In my boat  I like models of cars, boats, jets, planes. I like cats, dogs, cows, snakes, hamsters, monkeys. Go carting. I like to go sailing. l like to blog.

What Its Like To Have A Blog

C letter O N N letter e r

Blogs are like your own newspaper: you get to edit it when ever you want. It’s awesome. If you ever get the chance to get one get it. You would like it. I have been blogging for about a year now and it rocks you get to talk to other people and get comments and get to read other blogs.  There is only one bad side if you do not like like me. Typing you might not want to have a blog because you have to do allotof typing. But there is allot of upsides. So try it you will love it.

PS Please comment or wright a post about your blog. B.Y.E.